Waxing moon

Fortunate day for financial deals and important meetings. Nourishing masks and cosmetic procedures for face, neck, hands are recommended. Good period for haircut, stimulating baths, health improvement with BAS (biologically active supplements).

Nutrition tips:

Waxing moon feeds and accumulates the Energy and Forces, organizes, calls for the rest and self-care. Take diverse, fresh and health food. Avoid overeating, otherwise, any excess food can lead to flesh out.


It is time for actions and your plan’s implementation. You can start new and important affairs. The Moon shares its realization forth. A period of active work. Do not digress for unimportant things in order not to waste the active power. People are usually lifeful. They became more active, widely express thoughts and feelings.


Any interference should be careful. Do not prune and transplant. Only flowering plants setting is favorable.
Seed and set out flower crop, hedge, medicinal herbs and plants which yielding fruits and other eatable parts above the ground-level.
As a full moon time comes the most active stage of plants begins.

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