New moon

A critical point, particularly for men. Energy level, sensitivity, memory are reduced, error probability is increased. One should not make decisions or take actions. Good day for affairs planning, because mental sets have been forming on this day. A one-day fasting is advisable. That is a fortunate day for easy giving up harmful habits.

Nutrition tips:

Organism welcomes purification and releasing from slag procedures. Therefore it is useful to start one-day fasting or have a rest day.


During this period avoid any activities. Do not commence new important affairs. It is better to make plans, think of a new projects, to strategize and make tactic plan of your business affairs, to solve the problems of the upcoming month. It is favorable to make a collective promise, plans, to get new acquaintances. Old relations becomes more serious.


Do not sow the seeds.
Be careful with cutting garden tools.

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