3 lunar day

Symbol: Leopard

This is a day of fighting man, of feat.

This is a very energetic day. It is time to act; being passive is not recommended. It is a favorable day for intense physical exercise. It is the best day for martial arts. Be aware of aggression manifesting. It's a good day for sharpening knives.

Influence on health:

Back of the head and ears are active. Hot or steam baths are advisable.

Nutrition tips:

Spicy and meat food is allowed. You can use spices like ginger, chili, clove, mustard, etc.


This day is congested with energy, therefor use your best combat characteristics in business.

- to display determination and insistence
- to expand the borders and run the venture
- to be active (Only those is worth to have money who conquer them but not only dreaming)

Not recommended: To solve any financial matter (financial loss is eventual)


The 3d lunar day is unfavorable for marriage. But if you decided to have wedding ceremony this day – perform it originally! This is the time for extraordinary persons. Avoid having out and catching at the words. Try to perform good feeling this day. Women are to remember that men need caress tenderness and care from their lover but not displeasure.

Stones and minerals:

Ruby, pyrite, aventurine.

Meditation: Martial arts and weapons.

The energy of this day helps you to realize the strains in your body, aroused as a result of insult, anger, impatience or other negative emotions. This is a day for purification of the astral body. Relaxation is favorable today. Training: Body relaxation. Prepare for meditation and, once prepared, lay down. Concentrate on your breath, move your attention to the right toes, observe this region and relax it. Slowly move your attention up the leg until your buttock. If you feel any strain, try to figure out, what kind of emotion "lives" there, let your breath travel through this spot and relax it. With your breathing, release all the old, accumulated energy. Next move your attention to the left toes and repeat the practice. Then continue to practice the same way with right arm, left arm, loins, back, stomach, chest, head, and give extra attention to the face. Try to relax the whole body, enjoy its lightness and freedom of strain.

During the 3d lunar day the Vishuddha chakra is active (throat).

The dreams:

Dreams on this night will show you how you use the energy, granted by the Higher powers. You might understand if your energy flows away or is harmoniously redistributed. The dreams this lunar day rarely come true, yet they have value, what is important is to observe your behavior. Usually these dreams examine the inner strength of the person. So if in your dream there were elements of struggle, obstacles or resistance and you did not surrender - your inner forces are in good shape. If you woke up with a feeling of depression, then you should mentally act out the dream, with you overcoming the obstacle. Dreams this lunar day might be pointing you toward the salvation of some problem: showing how to direct the energy in order to let it float free instead of being sucked into the black holes of your subconscious.

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