27 lunar day

Symbol: Trident

Sober mind and spirit open the way to concealed knowledge.

The challenge placed before people today is to find themselves and transfer to other people what they discover. This is a fine day for meditation; intuitive insights and concealed knowledge may be acquired. Today is a good time to find a way out of a difficult situation. Don't start new projects.

Influence on health:

Shins are active. Do not drink alcohol.

Nutrition tips:

Take any food you like, but don’t overeat, mostly meat. Use spices preparing fat food. It is preferable to use cardamom, turmeric, clove, pepper. Avoid potato and citreous. Custard pie is favorable. If necessary start fasting. Do not drink much.


This day you can get revelation and secret knowledge. You can get a good news from friends. It is possible to get profit from previously completed transaction and contracts. The first half of a day is more favorable.

- To pay attention to any financial matter
- To pay debts
- To carry on charity
- To look out for assessors
- To avoid excitementand exertion
- During the second half of a day to sign a contract, new documents, to commence new activities
- To cancel business affairs, if you are not sure
- To settle formerly arisedproblems with partners, colleagues, chiefs
- To demonstrate patience, understanding, diplomacy
- To perform scientific research
- To have a time for education
- To do unhasting but responsible task
- To make plans for the next lunar month
- To have a business trip

Not recommended:
- To carry on business
- To make boast of your achievements
- To commence new task


Today is a good time to constitute a family, but for further stability the wedding ceremony should be quiet and calm.
The preferable symbols of wedding attributes and decor should be sea and ships.
Today is an ideal time to start your honeymoon in a sea-voyage. A good day for romantic meetings and love. Also it is favorable time for making peace between partners after conflicts.

Stones and minerals:

Lilac transparent amethyst, emerald, adularia, pink and crimson quartz, selenite.

Meditation: Gaining secret knowledge, spiritual music, praying for others.

Try to only listen to peaceful music, use incense and candles, let the vibration of a singing bowl or bell clean your room and inner space. You may chant your favorite mantras and prayers or listen to the "OM" mantra. The most important thing today is to open the informational channel, which may give you insights. The energy of this day may allow you to figure out how to solve your problems and see the real identity of people or situations. Prayers for other people are favorable today. You may use Christian prayers or practice the Buddhist meditation called "Loving kindness" (Metta Bhavana).

During the 27th lunar day the Muladhara and the Vishuddha chakras are active.

The dreams:

Today is a day when both dreams and omens can come true. The dreams on this lunar day may bring you intuitive knowledge, which could help to understand certain people or events. They can reveal the true nature of things. For example, if you suspect foul play or betrayal from someone and in your dream they save you from the fire - it means your suspicions are unfounded and this person is a true and trustworthy friend. Be cautious with the interpretation of these dreams, it is easy to make a mistake today. Better to consult someone who is well versed in dream psychology.

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