23 lunar day

Symbol: Crocodile Makkara

This is a day of provocation and temptations.

This is a day of repentance, forgiveness and fasting. House cleaning, tidying up and piety are recommended. It is good to get rid of the superfluous and best to avoid contacts.

Influence on health:

Immunity is weakened. Be attentive to your backbone. Surgical manipulations or haircuts are not recommended. Move as much as possible.

Nutrition tips:

Overeat is dangerous this day. fermented milk and milk products are favorable. The best menu is milk and custard pie with nut. Avoid meat, coffee and alcohol. Overeating can lead to the digestive tract troubles. Take less water. Fasting is allowed.


The energy of this day is complicated and can lead to conflicts and aggression during conversation. A second half of a day is not favorable. If you act teleologically alone, then power of a Moon can help to realize the most elaborate plans. This is a day of complex alteration. Unimportant things can be recovered and eliminated.

- To solve simple problems only
- To complete deeds started before
- Toexpressyourthoughtsinstraightlines, withoutallusion. It is better to speak less or avoid contacts at all.
- To express internal tranquility and balance
- To avoid crowded places and new companies

Not recommended:
- To carry on business
- To do anything important
- To negotiate
- To share your thoughts and ideas


The 23th lunar day is unfavorable day for family constitution.
Divorce proceedings can be performed quickly and painless. The relations broken this day are never restored again. People forget each other very quickly.
If you have strenuous relationship with your partner, try to avoid any contact to preserve current level. Control your negative emotional reactions. It is unfavorable day for making peace.

Stones and minerals:

Smoky topaz, black nephritis.

Meditation: Fortress, sparring matches, purifying of the home.

For those who practice martial arts or alpinism this day is a favorable for reaching new heights. Perform any home cleansing procedure you prefer, use incense sticks or aroma lamps. You can also bless the room with holy water and light candles. Visualize the process of cleansing. Sit in a comfortable pose and imagine the sun, filling your room with its pure cleansing beams.

During the 23th lunar day the Muladhara chakra is active

The dreams:

Today dreams are deceptive and even contradictory to reality. Whatever message you believe your dream on this lunar day is giving, the truth is more likely to be opposite. Sometimes today's dreams are about social issues or they might show you which aspects of yourself you do not accept. Because of the energy of this lunar day nightmares are possible.

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