22 lunar day

Symbol: Ganesha

This is a day of wisdom and knowledge.

Learning, researching or any work with information is favorable today. This day, if dedicated to studies, will ensure progress comparable to many years of hard work. It is good to teach, share experiences and give generously.

Influence on health:

Take care of your pelvic girdle, sacral bone, lower part of backbone. Fast and hunger are not recommended.

Nutrition tips:

Any food is allowed. Ganesha, a well-known epicure, is a protector for this day. Eat much today. Prepare dishes of Indian traditional kitchen like laddu, khir. Vegetable food is favorable. Fasting is not recommended.


A day of spiritual and creative renovation. A favorable day for writers, poets, scientists.

- To enlarge your educational background
- To inspect new documents
- To word with important documents
- To sign a contract
- To review archives
- To devote this day to education and learning. self
-education is favorable.
- devolve knowledge and personal experience
- to communicate and negotiate
- to offer a proposal
- to solve simple problems and do not make serious decisions
- For a chief: do not put load on the team. It is better to let them work in established conditions
- For a worker: do not refer to a chief
- To be a sponsor, mostly for a creative persons and intellectual development organizations

Not recommended:
- To commence new and serious affairs
- To work a lot
- To carry on a trade
- To be lazy


It is not favorable to constitute a family.
It is the best time to celebrate silver or golden wedding.
During celebration it is preferably to have rich delicious meal with many dessert
On this day Love can open something new about itself, about partner or about the world at large. Each meeting of this day will be important and meaningful.

Stones and minerals:

Blue agate, blue sapphire, blue jasper, blue nephritis and amber.

Meditation: Concentrate on symbols, books, studying, buzz on the street.

This day is suitable for concentration. You may try to comprehend the knowledge which most interests you. For instance, if you are learning symbols, concentrate on them and you'll get a better understanding. If you have some trouble understanding something - try to focus on that today. You may also just work on improving your ability to concentrate. If you are among a crowd of people, make use of the energy of this lunar day; float softly through the crowd as if you are scanning the area.

During the 22th lunar day the Kundalini and bottom of the spine are active.

The dreams:

The dreams today may have a wide range of significance. They can be simply empty and make no sense to interpret, or they might lead you in the direction of positive change. Since this lunar day belongs to Ganesha (God of Knowledge), through our dreams we may resolve problems, receive revelation or new knowledge. Today, before you go to sleep, you may prepare yourself to receive this revelation or knowledge by wishing for something or asking a question to your subconscious. Do not forget to record all the information you received during the dream upon waking.

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