10 lunar day

Symbol: Fountain

Strengthen your home, do not forget your background.

One must direct one's steps towards strengthening family relations. It is recommended to support family traditions. Anything to improve the home energy is beneficial. Self-observation could lead to finding your traditions. Fundamental initiatives, particularly house making or repair are suggested.

Influence on health:

Chest bones and prostate are active. Bath (sauna) and staying hydrated are advisable.

Nutrition tips:

This day is connected with family traditions, therefore it is more important the society while taking food than food itself. Do not overeat. Drink herbal tea, natural juices and eat vegetable dishes. Do not overdo with alcohol. Fasting is allowable. Drink more water.


This day brings success to your efforts. Possibility of professional achievements and financial receipts increases. You have enough energy to do weekly amount of work. Pleasantcommunicationatwork can be expected, mostlyinwell
-consolidatedteam.All unpleasant things are melting away.

- to carry on family business
- to solve family financial matter
- to negotiate, contact
- to continue previously started deeds
- to concentrate on strengthening goodwill of your organization
- to strengthen proved links
- to engage in career and business
- to work individually and in team

Not recommended:
- to start new business


The 10th lunar day is the most favorable to constitute a family and having a wedding ceremony. Couples created this day can have stable relations, filled with love and respect. Strong family traditions can be established.
This day it is favorable to introduce yourself to partner's family or to get acquaint your parents.
It is favorable day to make a date. No matter to make it in a calm place or among friends.
This day try to take especial care to your partner.

Stones and minerals:

Amber, sardonix.

Meditation: Working with your family line.

Meeting with family. This day is favorable for working with the family line. You may have dinner with your relatives or appeal to ancestors during your meditation. Each family line has certain ancestors, who help and protect you; ask for their wisdom. Training: Getting help from ancestors. Prepare for meditation. Calm down, imagine your family line standing behind you (your parents first and then further into the past). At the very beginning you will see strong and powerful people; turn to them, greet them kindly and wait for their actions. They smile to you, sending a flow of love, peace, joy, wisdom and welfare. See how this flux of energy penetrates through all your family line and reaches you and your family. Feel the power of this energy and store it in your field. You are under their safe protection. Forward this energy to all living family members, let it fill them. Look to those, who have passed away and fill them with the wisdom of the eldest. See how all negative energy is melting away and doesn't influence you or your family. This pure light of your ancestors highlights your future, feel confidence and protection. Fix the achieved state of your mind and then slowly open your eyes.

During the 10th lunar day the Svadhisthana chakra is active.

The dreams:

The 10th lunar day is associated with family and lineage. Dreams today reflect this principle, this is why in your dream you may see your spouse, relatives, children and even spiritual ancestors. If you saw the Patron Saint of your genealogy be attentive to what it says and does, because using this information you may get support or knowledge from your lineage and come to some self-discovery, if you're ready. If you would like to use this moment and work with the family energy, tune into it before going to bed and record everything as soon as you wake up. On the other hand, dreams this lunar day might be quite light, bright and fantastical, and typically don't bring any useful information. Disturbing dreams must be acknowledged and lead away with the night, or worked with in order not to let them into your real life.

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